About Nikki

    Nicola Hollender Portrait

    Nikki Hollender is an International Speaker, Coach and Entrepreneur.

    She has spent 20 years as a top manager in various roles in sales, marketing, innovation management and business development for top Fortune 100 companies, including L’OREAL, P&G, NESTLE and HEINEKEN generated tens of millions in revenue growth.

    What makes Nikki unique is its ability to think holistically and out-of-the-box at least five years in advance, and to redefine the market quickly and sustainably with an innovative and disruptive concept.

    She is the founder and CEO of the international Health & Beauty Lounge company, for which she was honored in her founding year 2017 with an award as the fastest growing company in her region and was recognized as Top Rated by customers.

    Nikki is a Cosmopolitan, she has a huge network and speaks multilingual on the biggest stages of the world with entrepreneurs like u. a. Hugh Hilton, Sir Richhard Branson, Steve Wozinak and Hollywood stars like Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg and John Travolta.

    Nikki brings real value from the field and has already inspired thousands of people with her fascinating speeches, business coaching and led them to more success.

    Her goal is to help many entrepreneurs and companies to realize their true potential and make them even more successful.

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